Wellness Guidance

Wellness requires manageable lifestyle changes designed to help you reap the most rewards. When changes are made in small steps, they are manageable and help make your wellness goals more attainable. The more committed you are to your changes, the more accountable you become for managing your own health. Together we can find ways to help you live a more mindful lifestyle, so you remain aware of the choices you make and understand the direct effect they have on your health and wellness.

In addition to his professional skills and abilities, Todd is a genuine and approachable massage therapist. Todd is well versed in ancient healing practices as well as in the latest scientific findings in his field. Todd holds high integrity and his world view is holistic. I highly recommend his services.
– Suzana Dujmic, MC, RCC, Principal and owner at Power Within Counselling Inc.

Dietary Coaching

A healthy diet is much easier than people think. You can choose the foods you love, but learn how to prepare them in healthier ways. You can also learn more about the foods you should avoid and why, and see the difference even small dietary changes can make to your weight, energy level, and overall health. Whether you are looking to lose weight, are seeking a new way of eating to match your healthier lifestyle, or have a specific goal in mind, together we can come up with a diet you will not only enjoy, but stick to for life.

Todd has helped me get off my pain killers and maintained my quality of life. I am lucky to have found him.
– Krista

Lifestyle Counselling

The way you live your life contributes greatly to your happiness, your health and your state of mind. Lifestyle counselling can help you approach life with a new attitude. You can decide to take on some tougher challenges, or take baby steps that are more manageable. Either approach requires commitment and accountability and will teach you how the choices you make determine your level of health and sense of well-being. You can also finally learn to break life habits that contribute to stress, unhappiness and health issues. Mindfulness will keep you focused on the now so you can improve coping skills and meet new challenges as they arise with strength and focus.

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