Todd is on extended leave.

Todd has Slipping Rib Syndrome and is awaiting surgery. After an upcoming consult, Todd will travel to Ottawa for the surgery this October.

Matthew Farrell will be filling in for Todd until further notice.

Matthew Farrell

Matthew has been an RMT since 2009, with a keen interest on how to therapeutically treat, improve and manage pains, tensions and healing within the body. He has studied in Canada, Europe and Asia to have a broader understanding on how tension and pain occurs and lives within the body. As a well rounded athlete and therapist over the years, Matthew has a good understanding on how to do a full assessment, what biomechanics are necessary for the body to move, rest and heal. The main skill sets and interests are deep tissue release for muscles and fascia , joint mobility, and to help you understand what the problem may be, what needs to be done, and how to move forward in the best way possible.


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